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MachExpo 2018

Kazakhstan International Exhibition Machine Building, Machine-Tool Building and Automation

Power Astana 2018

Kazakhstan International Energy, Electrical equipment and Machine building Exhibition

Kazatomexpo 2018

Kazakhstan International Nuclear Energy & Industry Exhibition

MachExpo Kazakhstan 2018

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Due to advantageous geographical position, stable political and economic situations, a positive investment climate Kazakhstan is attractive for foreign companies in terms of business development.

The machine building is globally recognized as an indicator of the technological level of national industry. The most rapid growth of machine building sector compared to other sectors in Kazakhstan was reported before 2008, but in 2008 it suffered more than others because of the crisis. This was primarily caused by the investment nature of the demand for machine-building products.

Power Astana 2018

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Kazakhstan International "Energy, Electrical equipment and Machine building" Exhibition - Power Astana is the main metropolitan exhibition area for demonstration of equipment, technologies and services in the field of Energy, Electrical equipment and Machine building.

Power Astana project is primarily intended for specialists of the Northern, Western and Eastern regions of Kazakhstan.

Kazatomexpo 2018

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The Nuclear Power Industry is one of the most successfully developing directions in the Republic of Kazakhstan. Close to 19 % of the world's explored uranium reserves are concentrated within the Republic of Kazakhstan. The country has its own well-developed uranium mining and processing industry, including 21 mines and a mining complex satisfying about 30% of the global demand in uranium.

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