Machine building, machine tool building and automation sector within the framework of powerexpo astana 2022 exhibition

25-27 MAY 2022

Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan

Machine building, machine tool building and automation sector within the framework of powerexpo astana 2022 exhibition

25-27 MAY 2022

Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan

MachExpo Kazakhstan 2021



Machine building has to become one of the drivers of the industrialization -

Machine building is the most important sector of the economy of any industrialized state.

Producing all kinds of equipment, machines, machine tools, appliances, as well as goods for the population, machine building ensures the stability of the agricultural sector, energy and metallurgical sectors, transportation and other key sectors of the economy.

Sustainable development and reliable functioning of machine building largely determine the energy and material consumption of the economy, labor productivity, the level of environmental safety of industrial production and, ultimately, the economic security of the country.

Today, Kazakhstan is characterized not only by the presence of rich natural resources, but also a fairly developed industry. According to Q3 2018 results, the share of industry in the country’s GDP was 29.7%, including 15.2% in the mining industry and 11.6% in the manufacturing industry. At the same time, the historically formed structure of the economy with the predominance of the raw materials sector made Kazakhstan dependent on imports of high value added products, in particular for those of machine building industry, the need for which is growing every year.

What have been done in 10 years of industrialization?

In total, from 2010 to 2018, 1,250 projects were launched in Kazakhstan under the state program of industrialization, in total amount of 7.9 trillion tenge. 120 thousand work places were created on those enterprises. Moreover, if 770 projects were launched in the first five-year period, during the next four-year period 480 projects were implemented without the word “forced”.

In 2019, it is planned to implement 120 projects, including a 30.6 billion tenge ferrosilicon plant in the Karaganda region and a 33 billion tenge steel spiral seam pipe plant in Almaty.

If we look by the industries, the leaders are the agricultural industry, the construction industry and machine building.

In 2021, MachExpo Kazakhstan will be presented as one of the sections of the Kazakhstan International Powerexpo Astana Exhibition and it will be held at the same exhibition site with the Kazakhstan International Building & Interiors Exhibition - AstanaBuild.

The Kazakhstan International Occupational Safety and Health KIOSH Conference and Exhibition will be held during the same period.

For sure, holding such specialized events at one time allows attracting the maximum number of targeted visitors, and an extended business program will familiarize specialists with the latest equipment and technologies designed for various industries.

The machine building section will present enterprises engaged in heavy, middle-sized and precision; production of hardware and intermediates; machine-tool building, automation, car and equipment repair.

This year, the joint exposition of Powerexpo Astana, MachExpo, NDT, and KIOSH exhibitions presented 80 companies from 5 world countries, such as Kazakhstan, China, Russia, UAE, and Turkey.

Among the participants, there are manufacturers and suppliers of energy equipment; cable products; devices, control systems and technological processes in various industries; automated energy metering systems; machine tools for various purposes.

In regard of participation in MachExpo Kazakhstan 2021, please, contact Organizers


Due to advantageous geographical position, stable political and economic situations, a positive investment climate Kazakhstan is attractive for foreign companies in terms of business development.

The machine building is globally recognized as an indicator of the technological level of national industry. The most rapid growth of machine building sector compared to other sectors in Kazakhstan was reported before 2008, but in 2008 it suffered more than others because of the crisis. This was primarily caused by the investment nature of the demand for machine-building products.

In 2010, Kazakhstan Government approved a Kazakhstan Machine Building Program for 2010-2014 in order to stimulate the development of the machine-building complex of Kazakhstan. The Program is aimed at upgrading the existing enterprises by high-tech and up-to-date equipment, creating new enterprises for the production of competitive products meeting international standards and developing relations and cooperation of all existing local machine-building enterprises.

The Program is funded by development institutions, enterprises' own funds, local and foreign investment and to the extent provided for in the national budget.

The priority areas of the Program are oil and gas, mining and metallurgical, railway, agricultural machine building, automotive and power plant engineering.

During the implementation of the state program of forced industrial-innovative development the production volume of machine building grew more than in two times - from KZT 300 billion up to KZT 657 billion. It is expected that the production volume will exceed KZT 1 trillion by 2015.

According to the Vice Prime Minister of Industry and New Technologies of Kazakhstan Asset Isekeshev in recent years machine-building has become the most rapidly developing sector in the country. The industry showed high growth rates in the first quarter of 2013. The growth compared with the same last year period is amounted to 121.3%. Electronic and optical products increased by 15%, production of vehicles almost in 2 times. The total increase is 196%. At the same time, Aset Isekeshev notes that with a huge potential production with high added value, Kazakhstan still remains the large importer of mechanical engineering production. In total imports of the country machine building products is $ 17.8 billion or 40%. And the volume of domestic production only recently exceeded $ 4 billion.


This demonstrates the opportunities which are provided by the growing economy of the country for machine-building companies. Obviously, taking into account the conditions in Kazakhstan we can talk about long-term demand for mechanical engineering products for oil and gas, mining and metallurgical, energy and agro-industrial complexes in Kazakhstan», - considers Aset Isekeshev.


MachExpo Kazakhstan is a professional event in the machine-building industry.

MachExpo Kazakhstan takes place at the one venue with the largest industrial events, such are Kazakhstan International "Energy, Electrical equipment and Machine building" Exhibition - Power Astana and Kazakhstan International "Nuclear Power Engineering and Industry" Exhibition - Kazatomexpo.

Undoubtedly, the holding of three specialized events at one time helps to attract the maximum amount of potential visitors annually, and the rich business program will introduce specialists to the latest equipment and technologies designed for different industries.

MachExpo Kazakhstan project is officially supported by the Ministry of industry and New Technologies and Engineering Union of Kazakhstan.

MachExpo Kazakhstan Exhibition will consolidate all machine building branches: labour-intensive, metal-intensive, and science-intensive and is intended for specialists engaged in mining, metallurgy, oil and gas, energy, transportation, agriculture, defence, machine building and allied industries.

The exhibition will display enterprises operating in heave, medium and precision machine building; production of metal products and slugs; machine-tool building, automation, repairs of machines and equipment.

The exhibition will familiarize specialists with state-of-the-art technologies and developments of modern machine building; auxiliary elements necessary within main technological production of machines, automation and process management systems.

An important dedicated section of MachExpo Kazakhstan is "Process Automation, Standardization and Information Support" because nowadays most facilities worldwide have switched to automated management systems, thus computer process control became an integral part of many enterprises.

MachExpo Kazakhstan Exhibition will represent, in its Process Automation, Standardization and Information Support Section, the best systems and technologies for computer-aided design and concurrent engineering in machine building, equipment diagnostics, selection and implementation of CADS, CAMS and ICS, Automatic systems of developing control programs and Communication systems in machine building.

Please contact the organizing Committee of "Iteca" LLP for participation in MachExpo Kazakhstan 2019 exhibition.