Machine building, machine tool building and automation sector within the framework of powerexpo astana 2022 exhibition

25-27 MAY 2022

Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan

Machine building, machine tool building and automation sector within the framework of powerexpo astana 2022 exhibition

25-27 MAY 2022

Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan
  • MachExpo Kazakhstan 2013

    List of exhibitors of MachExpo Kazakhstan 2013:

    • Welding Group Syndicate, Kazakhstan is a voluntary economic association founded on the base of Welding Technologies LLP (till the 5th of March, 2007 named as Kazcomservice RiK LLP) which is a key equipment supplier on the industrial market of Kazakhstan including 4 Limited Liability Partnerships profiled by the kind of activity.
      Our company began our activity at one of the biggest world oil fields – Tengiz where at the present moment we are the main link of the supplies system of equipment for companies occupied in this unique production. 
      For period from 2001 year to the present mo­ment we have made progress in the sphere of collabo­ration on the base of dealer’s agreements with a lot of famous world manufacturers among which: 
      In the sphere of electric welding equipment: 
      KEMPPI OY /Finland/, 
      KOWELD /Korea/.
      In the sphere of welding materials: 
      ESAB /Sweden/,
      Böhler /Austria/,
      Kobelko /Japan/,
      HYUNDAI /Korea/.

    • Alfleth Engineering AG, Switzerland 
      We are a Swiss engineering and trade company with branches in Central and Eastern Europe. The core business of our company is trade of machine tools of well-known manufacturers from Switzerland, Germany, French and Italy. 

    • KazTechInstrument LLP, Kazakhstan is the only one official Kazakhstani distributor of the SECO Company (Sweden) that is the one of the leaders in the carbide tooling manufacturing for the metalworking production. We provide the reliable solutions for the metalworking production technologies for the leading companies. Our customers are the largest metalworking enterprises in different industrial spheres such as oil and gas, the aircraft engineering, the energetic engineering, the machinery manufacturing, etc. Also we cooperate with our Russian partner “Novatets” JSC by means of providing the production of the “Bruel&Kjaer Vibro GmbH” Company (Germany), that destined for the vibration-based condition check and protection systems for cars and mechanisms, measures and analysis of the vibration parameters of sounds, the calibration equipment of the measuring systems. The clients of the “Bruel&Kjaer Vibro GmbH” Company are the nuclear power stations, the federal nuclear centers, the Scientific-Research Institute, the enterprises of the nuclear industry. 

    • ТREI-Кaraganda LLC, Kazakhstan is manufacturing company, we are located in Karaganda, Republic of Kazakhstan. Our company was founded 2003, 8 years we work in the field of automation of Republic of Kazakhstan. 
      The main activity of «ТREI-Кaraganda» LLC is manufacturing of measuring and computing complex on the basis of self-design project of our Company - measuring and converting modules - TREI-5В. 
      TREI-Karaganda LLC is national manufacturer of controllers, our devices are certified with certificates of origin of goods - ST-KZ. Our company has the own manufacture of controllers in Karaganda (Kazakhstan). You can find our company in the register of Kazakhstan manufacturers. Specialists of our company help you to select equipment of national or European or Russian manufacturers, development description of technological process in the field of ACS of TP, consult you regarding automation in power industry, oil and gas, metallurgy, chemical production, water treatment. 

    • NILED-Kazakhstan LLP, Kazakhstan 
      The French company NILED was found in 1932. The Line hardware produced by NILED Company, for the self-supporting insulated wire (SSIW), has been used for 50 years in more than 30 countries all over the world with different climatic conditions. It has been successfully used more than 10 years in Russia and CIS countries. This company is represented in Kazakhstan with the help of its branch named “NILED-Kazakhstan” LLP, that produces and processes the delivery of the complete product proposal of the facilities, instruments for fitting and Line hardware for the self-supporting insulated wire (SSIW). The voltage for these wires are 0,4 kW and 6-20 kW, hardware for LWC and fiber optic telecommunications line. The products of NILED Company correspond to CENELEC, the international standard and it is notable for its reliability, tightness, versatility and comfort during the installation. The Company provides training for staff of installation contractors and operating companies, provides support during the design stage and onsite installation. 

    • Byelkamit JV JSC, Kazakhstan 
      Byelkamit plant is the leading Kazakhstan enterprise in manufacturing and engineering for oil and gas industry since 1996. Byelkamit manufactures equipment for oil and gas enterprises, as well as for chemical, nuclear, metallurgy and construction industries, such as
      -vessel equipment, including vessels for work under pressure; 
      -storage tanks for liquid (including oil and oil products) and gas; 
      -metal constructions, including steel bridge constructions; 
      -heat exchanging equipment, including air cooled and heavy tube heat exchangers; 
      Byelkamit plant is certificated by ISO 9001. It designs and manufactures projects according to the state requirements (GOST, RRAE) and in compliance with the international standards ASME, API. 

    • Turkuaz Machinery Ltd., Kazakhstan was established in 2003 and since the first days of operations it has been actively involved in the distribution of products from world firms in the markets of Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Mongolia. Today, the company employs about 400 people. 
      The focus area of Turkuaz Machinery is the supply of machinery and servicing of mining, oil and gas producing and construction companies in Central Asia. We carry out the delivery of equipment to the end customer. If preferred by the customer, we are ready to train their personnel. We provide a full package of documents and certificates to the buyers that are necessary for registration with the appropriate bodies. At least one year warranty period is applicable to all the special equipment we supply. 

    • PLASMA TEC PJSC, Ukraine
  • Power Astana 2013

    List of Exhibitors of Power Astana 2013:

    • Svyazinvest, Belarus has over 15 years experience in the domestic telecommunications market is the largest in the Republic of Belarus, developer, manufacturer and supplier of a wide range of communications equipment. The company employs over 200 people. Highly skilled specialists, constantly raise the level. Close cooperation ties "Svyazinvest" with leading universities in the Republic of Belarus - BSUIR, VKS.
      In 2010, we decided to invest in a new area for us - LED lighting. The result of this work has been the emergence of a new brand - LED.SI. 1.5 years was conducted to develop outdoor LED lighting series, chosen by the manufacturer of LEDs, several versions of the luminaire design, conducted dozens of tests. In 2011, it was decided to launch mass production of street lamps. In the summer of 2011, we successfully passed the certification in Belarus, Russia and Ukraine. 

    • ROU Co., Russia
      The company designs and produces pipeline accessories for energetics and Pressure-reducing and desuperheating stations (PRDS), PRS, CP and FPRDS

    • Invertor Factory PJSC, Russia
      Public Joint-Stock Company «Invertor» Factory» » is a market leader in the industrial electrical engineering for over 30 years. Today the product line includes over 10 product groups of new generation, manufactured in the factory using the latest technologies. In particular, these are: direct current control cabinets (SHUOT), uninterruptible power supply systems (SBP), complex low-voltage switchgear and controlgear assemblies (NKU), inverters, rectifiers, modular transformer substations (KTP). Products and Quality Management System of ОАО «Invertor» Factory» are certified under the GOST R system. Our Partners: OAO «Gazprom», OAO «Lukoil», OAO «Rosneft», ОАО «TNK-BP», OAO «Transneft», ОАО «Surgutneftegas», OAO «MMK», ОАО «IDGC» Holding», ОАО «Rosenergoatom Concern», Ministry of Defense of RF. 

    • Ostec -Systems Trade House LLC, Russia
      Ostec-Systems Trade House carries out distribution of OSTEC metal cable trays made in Russia. The patent system of cable trays includes traysboxes, cable ladders, wire trays, accessories for installation and fixation elements. The product’s quality meets the most modern international and Russia requirements (quality management system ISO 9001:2008, GOSTR). The trays passed certification for the degree of fire resistance R90; have climate execution for the cold climate and moderate cold climate, 1 placement category. OSTEC trays are admitted for application at the facilities of oil and gas industry, power, production enterprises and civil construction objects. 
      OSTEC trays have the best value for money and are import-substituting product. The Branches of Ostec-Systems TH are located in all Federal districts of RF. 

      Our enterprise history has started since 1956. Main products are: 
      • oil-immersed and dry-type power transformers up to 2500 kVA
      • for feeding immersion pumps up to 1200 kVA
      • multi- purpose and isolating transformers up to 40 kVA
      • current transformers 0.66 up to 4000 A. 
      КТП unitized substations
      • for control of oil and gas production
      • for thermal treatment of soil and concrete
      • for industrial and agricultural plants
      УКЗВ, УКЗН cathodic protection devices
      All items have got certification from “DEKRA” Certification Body (GERMANIY) as in accordance with ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004, ISO 18001:2008. 

    • FINDER SpA, Kazakhstan
      More than 10000 various products FINDER represent one of the most important directions of the market of electrotechnical production. Various types of the relay and the device concern these products: 
      The relay for printed-circuit boards, industrial relays, the interface relays, timers, the relay of control, the device of protection against pulse repressure, industrial thermostats, the photo-relay, electronic step-by-step relays, modular relays, electronic ladder timers, a timer, movement gauges, thermostats. 

    • Korenevsky plant of low-voltage instrumentation OJSC, Russia
      Manufacturing and supplying low voltage and high voltage control and distribution devices. 

    • RIG LLP, Kazakhstan
      The RIG LLP is the Kazakhstani manufacturer of electrical equipment and LED lighting products, the “COBA” photodiode lighting products and metal ware. Besides the basic company’s business, the RIG LLP provides the services in planning, the delivery of the electrical products, electrical and installation services, the commissioning works in constructing the power assets. 

    • Ortea, Russia
      Ortea is a leading company in engineering and manufacturing voltage stabilisers with a capacity of up to 6 megawatt. Ortea is a leader in manufacturing voltage stabilisers since 1966. Its 40-year business experience and continuous technical research have made Ortea a competitive and technologically advanced company. 

    • Electrical Engineering Centre «220 VOLT», Kazakhstan
      Electrical Engineering Centre has been for more than a decade operating on the market of electrical equipment and materials of Kazakhstan. Products are sold to consumers through a network of stores consolidated into 220 VOLT Electrical Engineering Centre. The availability of the extensive network provides for a wide range of products to meet any needs of our customers. 220 VOLT retail network unites modern shops of electrical equipment and materials in Astana, Karaganda, and Temirtau. Our suppliers are OPPLE, PHILIPS, SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC, IEK, WESSEN, SVETOPRIBOR, SVETOTECHNICA, HYUNDAI, ELECTROSCHIT and many other companies. 

      Production Association “Energocomplekt” is the largest producer and exporter of cable and wire in the Republic of Belarus. Its product line consists of more than 7 500 types, including power cables from 0,66 kV up to 110 kV, pilot cables, screened, armored, low smoke, self-supporting and bare wires for overhead power lines, building and connecting wires. 
      High quality of products guaranteed by advanced technology, skilled personnel and well equipped production facilities. 
      Technical reports issued by “Energocomplekt’s” quality testing laboratory are valid and accepted in the Republic of Belarus and Russian Federation. 
      Wide distribution network in Belarus, Russia, CIS countries and Europe Union allows our customers meet their requirements in cable and wire with maximum service quality. 

      Currently JSC «Electrovipryamitel» produces more than thousand types of power semiconductor devices in discrete and module version for currents up to 10 kA, voltage up to 50 kV and 500 names of converter equipment. IGBT-modules for currents from 25-4800 A, voltage from 600 to 3300V: 
      – standard, ultrafast, trench gate, low loss, transport, with insulation voltage up to 15 kV. 
      – rectifier, avalanche, rotor, welding, peak, fast recovery, SERD, silicon surge voltage suppressors. Thyristors: 
      – phase control, light triggered thyristors (LTT), fast, peak, fast switching, fast asymmetric, reverse switched dynistors. 
      Diode/Thyristor power modules. 
      Heatsinks, mounting clamps system, heat-conducting insulators, drivers for thyristors and IGBT, non-potentional thermal sensors. 
      Intelligent power electronic systems. 
      Converters for industry, electric power industry and transport. 

    • Patent-Duble LLP, Kazakhstan
      LLP "Patent-Double" has been operating since 1992.Our specialization - complex supply measuring, testing, diagnosis, metrological equipment for energy, communications, oil and gas industry. We are ready to provide expert assistance in the selection of equipment, as well as replacement of obsolete equipment, depending on customer requirements, based on continuous monitoring of the products of leading Russian and world manufacturers, optimal by the "price-quality" equipment is reserved. Benefits we can offer to our customers: the acquisition of a large range of devices from different manufacturers in one place at factory prices, saving customers time and reduce their transportation costs. 

    • Group company "Savoir Faire" LLP, Kazakhstan
      LLP "Group Companies« Savoir Faire »supplies to Kazakhstan and Central Asia on an exclusive basis and at factory prices equipment Concern" SGB/SMIT "(Germany) 
      Concern "SGB/SMIT" produces: 
      • Power transformers Cast resin ("dry") (ranging from 50 kVA to 25 MVA, inclusive, and a nominal voltage of 6 (10) kV up to 36 kV, Series DTTH-S); 
      • Oil-filled power transformer (for voltage of 110 kV - 220 kV - 525 kV -750 kV, capacity from 10 MVA to 1200 MVA. Series: DOT, DOTR, DOTAR). 
      And as to the market of Kazakhstan: 
      1) "SEC Mehanotronika" (Russia) - Funds Protection and Automation
      2) JSC "ZETO" (Russia) - High-voltage equipment (6-1150 kV circuit breakers, etc.) 
      3) «HEAG» (China) - 6-10 kV vacuum circuit
      4) «SF-NE" (Kazakhstan) - Ru - 10 kV (38-12 CRU "bugs"), RU - 0.4 kV (CLE «VERNA»); QFT (any difficulty), switchgear cells, CSR, YAKNO , Panels - SCHO - 70

    • Hakel Ros CJSC, Russia
      The surge protection, surge protection devices (SPD), EMI (RFI) filters, interconnecting boards for surge protection, devices for the control of isolation over networks with the isolated neutral. 

    • Elektromaster LTD, Kazakhstan
      Established in 2004, the company «ELEKTROMASTER LTD» is one of Kazakhstan's leading players in the electrical industry in terms of sales of electrical equipment. 
      «ELEKTROMASTER LTD» offers a wide range of electrical and electrical services: implementation, design, installation, commissioning, warranty repair and servicing of the systems on the basis of guaranteed power diesel generators. Electrical works performed by advanced technology. Today, the company has managed to become one of the leaders in the implementation of electrical equipment. Over the years «ELEKTROMASTER LTD» has significantly expanded the range of products and equipments. The company has production facilities, equipments, and proven technologies, allowing producing containers for diesel generator and UPS to specific orders

    • Svetorezerv Co.Ltd, Hongkong
      The Svetorezerv Ltd Company was founded in 2003 in Moscow. From 2003 to 2007, manufacturing facilities were located in Ryazan (Ryazan region), in 2007 – 2009 they were based on several enterprises in Zelenograd (Moscow), since 2010 some the manufacturing facilities were moved to Shenzhen (China), while another part remained in Zelenograd. Since the establishment of Svetorezerv Ltd Co is engaged in development, manufacturing and application of efficient street floodlights and other lighting engineering production are based on LED technologies. 

    • Rezon LTD, Kazakhstan
      Rezon LTD is 20 years of successful work on electrotechnical market. Main activity - production, assembly, engineering of electrotechnical equipments, construction of transmission line, streetlight, adoption of new energy-saving technology, recycling of mercury waste. Our offices situated in Pavlodar t., Ekibastuz t., Aksu t., Astana t. Rezon is the exclusive representative of trade mark ASD. Rezons experts offer for their clients quality product of the world's leading manufacturer of electrotechnical equipments. We have ISO9001 certificate. The main principle of our work is individual approach to each clients. 

    • Kursk Electric Equipment Plant (KEEP) Ltd, Russia
      Kursk Electric Equipment Plant (KEEP) is one of the biggest manufacturers of electronic equipment in Russia. Annually this enterprise produces more than 5 million production units. The large variety of products includes the reliable solutions for the average consumers, and new guidelines that are required for the modern market. This variety consists of such products as the circuit breakers, safety devices, and the chopper switch. The enterprise offers an effective solution in protecting against adverse impact of electric current for the nuclear power plants, underground, construction and mounting organization and many other big companies. The years of successful work of our team at the low voltage equipment market became the base for creating the customer-centric modern company. 

    • OPTIMUM LLC, Russia
      The history of “OPTIMUM”, a group of companies, started in 1995 as the manufacturing-business producing minor components of work equipment for the maintenance vehicles. 
      Nowadays the group of companies “OPTIMUM” is: 
      • Operating activities: tamping manufacturing, wheel pairs, component overhaul, railway equipment, spare railway equipment parts. 
      • Office and warehouse complex “OPTIMUM” is equipped with the state-ofart technologies and provides safekeeping services. 
      • The subdivision of cargo carrying that provides reliable delivery of goods around Chelyabinsk city and the territory of Russia. 
      • The manufacturing of photodiode street lightning, highways, building siding, offices, inboard and outboard lightning for any objects of housing and community amenities, industrial and social needs. 
      • The plant of petrochemical engineering is the enterprise with the biggest experience that operates in the area of oil-and-gas machine building, chemical engineering, and general engineering. 

      JSC Electroizolit is the largest producer of high-quality insulating materials and insulation systems in Russia and CIS. Produces insulating varnishes, resins, enamels, compounds, sealants, varnishes for enameled wire, varnished, stekolakotkani, fabric, ASBO-textolite profile fiberglass laminates wound products, composite materials based on mica, mica, polyester, polymeric films, cardboard. 

    • ICAND LLP, Kazakhstan
      Low voltage vacuum contactors KVT- 1.14 , KV1.14 (6-, 4-, 3-, 2- and single pole, reverse, plug-in, horizontal and vertical, contactors with electronic current relays and the special (shaft) design for the mining industry). High-voltage vacuum contactor KVT-10- 4/400-630. Vacuum circuit-breaker VVA-1.14-20(31.5)/1000-1250, stationary and pull-out, used instead of AVM and Electron. High-voltage vacuum circuit breakers VB-6-10-27.5-35-110 kV, stationary and pull-out, with electromagnetic, spring-magnetic and separate drive, adapted to the earlier produced cells for integrated switchgear and detachable equipment kits. 
      Integrated switch gear: series KS-10М, KSO-306. Open input arrangement: UVO-35 kV, with VBS and VBET switches. Package transformer substations: upgraded block-type, KTP B(M) 110/35/6(10),110/6(10), and 35/6(10). 

    • Department of Industry, Innovations and Entrepreneurship of the Novosibirsk City Hall, Russia

    • The Novosibirsk City Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Russia

    • Siberian Technological Engineering Plant CJSC, Russia

    • IRBIS Research and Production Co.Ltd. , Russia

    • DYMA Scientific and Production Association CJSC, Russia

    • ELAR Co.Ltd. , Russia

    • Bolid Co.Ltd., Russia

    • LEVAD-7 Co.Ltd., Russia

    • Polymers R.A.Veselovskogo Co.Ltd, Russia

    • Tyagstankogidropress OJSC, Russia

    • Bely Svet 2000 LLC, Russia 

    • EnergoStroyTechCom, Kazakhstan

    • Spetsservis, Russia

    • Branch of «Alageum Electric» JSC Astana city, Kazakhstan
  • Kazatomexpo 2013

    List of Exhibitors of Kazatomexpo 2013:

    • Korgau KZ LLP, Kazakhstan
      «Korgau KZ» LLP provides a full spectrum of services related to operation of the complex of automated control over traffic of fissile and radioactive materials on the basis of stationery systems of radiation control, including: 
      - delivery of radiation portal monitors; 
      - design-installation and start-up works; 
      - commissioning works; 
      - training of personnel of organizations and authorities on operation of delivered equipment; 
      - technical support, warranty and post-warranty maintenance; 
      - development of comprehensive radiation safety system. 
      In addition, «Korgau KZ» LLP performs delivery of: 
      - portable radiation control devices; 
      - mobile radiation control systems, operative radiation monitoring, as well as mobile laboroties of radiation control; 
      - narcotic and explosive substances detectors; 
      - X-ray inspection systems; 
      - mobile laboratories, emergency-rescue vehicles, mobile control units, mobile communication units; - conducts training of personnel of organizations and authorities on

    • RadPro International GmbH, Germany
      RadPro International Gmbh offers full range measurement equipment and TLD materials.We count among our customers the IAEA, NPP’s, Hospitals, Universities and private dosimetry companies with more than 30 years experience in TLD business. 

    • ABS INFINITY, Kazakhstan
      ABS INFINITY is a dynamically developing company in sphere of industrial equipment supply and integrated engineering. The company's activities include a wide range of services in selection and supply of equipment of the world manufacturers, and also services of system integration in industry. 
      ABS INFINITY provides exploration of the equipment installing object (system), technical specification formation, project planning, equipment supply, adjustment work, after- sales service and service maintenance. ABS INFINITY specialists take part in turnkey projects in mining and processing industry, chemical industry, oil and gas industry, power engineering, cement Industry, food industry

    • Gerhard Weber Kunststoff-Verarbeitung GmbH, Germany 
      A flagship Weber Kunststofftechnik activity are design and manufacture of tanks, vessels, reactors, equipment for storage and handling of corrosive media from thermoplastics, Teflon and composite materials. During the 40 years of the company existence we have proved highly qualified bringing an innovative approach in the production of our equipment. Today we are the largest producer of thermoplastic tanks and vehicles in Europe! 
      Designing, manufacturing, logistics, service, reasonable prices and Germany quality. Projects in Russia, Europe, UAE, USA, New Zealand, Indonesia, Mexico confirm the reliability, and quality of our products and satisfied customers are the guarantee of signing new partnership agreements around the world. 
      ABS INFINITY company is an exclusive representative in Kazakhstan. 

    • ASV Stübbe GmbH & Co. KG, Germany 
      ASV Stübbe: A pioneer evolves into a system manufacturer. 
      Established in 1925 ASV Stübbe has become a pioneer in plastics and injection moulding technology since the 1950s. For more than 40 years we have been producing valves, pupms as well as measurement and control system for pipework construction. In 1961 ASV Stübbe manufactured the first moulded ball valve fully made of plastic world wide. 
      Fully owned subsidiaries of ASV Stübbe cover the markets of China, Spain and France. Companies such as Bayer, BASF, e•on, ProMinent, RWE, US-Filters, Varta, Veolia and VW rely on precision products made in Vlotho. ABS INFINITY Company is an exclusive representative in Kazakhstan. 

    • KNDT Co, Ltd, South Korea 
      Since KNDT Co.,Ltd was incorporated in 1991, it has been dedicated to better and the best technical service through business diversification based on NDT Business. 
      We advanced the business diversification to adapt quickly to the changeable market. In relation to the Nuclear Energy Business, we provide various engineering service like radiation management, radioactive material clearance for nuclear facility, personal dosimetry, radiation calibration Lab. and ISI (In-Service Inspection) of NPP. we produce a radiation survey meter and a surface contamination meter. 
      Moreover, we offer process development, analysis for organic / non-organic materials such as asbestos, PCBs, ocean waste, soil etc in relation to the Environment Business. Recently, we established a company, TOO KPEC in Almaty Kazahstan. From these diversification, KNDT improves the sale and business competence constantly. 

    • Pribori Oy, Finland 
      Finnish company Pribori Oy – Since 1972 serving customers and partners in Russia and the CIS- countries. Nowadays we pride ourselves in having the possibility serve our customers also locally in Kazakhstan in the fields of Nuclear Medicine & Radiation Protection ,Life Science & Diagnostics, Industrial Hygiene. 
      With a product portfolio from the world’s leading brands in Radiation Control and Nuclear Medicine such as PerkinElmer, Thermo Fisher Scientific, Ortec, LabLogic, Berthold Technologies and Hidex- we can satisfy even the most demanding of demands. 
      We hope that you will take the opportunity to visit us in Kazakhstan International Nuclear Energy and Industry Exhibition «KazAtomEXPO-2013». Or you can always contact or visit us in our Representative Office in Almaty! 

    • Lapp Group, Germany 
      The company was founded in 1957 by Oskar Lapp with ÖLFLEX® - the first industrially produced signal cable in the world. 
      Today Lapp Cables produces cables and conductors for different industries and markets: mechanical and systems engineering, the automotive industry, electrical-/installations engineering and more. 
      Lapp Cables products are primarily produced in the Lapp Cables group's own production plants. 
      We currently supply 40.000 standard items from stock. We also develop and produce cables and conductors to customer specifications. 
      The Lapp Group has 15 production sites, 100 outlets and 41 sales organisations around the world. We employ 3.000 people. 
      Nowadays, the brand Lapp – is a synonym of competency, quality and innovations all over the world. Connected with unreserved customer-orientation, family management is the key factor of company´s success. 

    • GRUNDFOS, Кazakhstan - is one of the world's leading pump manufacturers. Grundfos produce pump equipment for heating and ventilation systems,air-conditioning, water supply and wastewater systems, fire fighting systems and also pumps for uranium, mining, oil refining and other industrial sectors. 
      "Karlskrona LC AB" LLP is an engineering company operating in the field of solutions for the liquids pumping, provides a complete cycle maintenance of technological equipment (pumps selection, pumping stations and control boxes manufacturing, installation and dismantling, pumps operational services, well diagnoses and repair). "Karlskrona LC AB" LLP is the Authorized Partner of Grundfos in Kazakhstan. 
      Shymkent, Tassay set., 
      quarter 119, site 105
      Phone: 98 7 7252 21 14
      e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

    • The Park of Nuclear Technologies JSC, Kazakhstan was established by Kazakhstan Government Decree on August 12th, 2005 No. 832 to execute the instruction of Kazakh President Nursultan Nazarbayev on establishing the Park of Nuclear Technologies technology park in Kurchatov delivered at the Annual Address to the Nation of Kazakhstan on April 4th, 2003. 
      Strategic directions: 
      1. Development of technology park infrastructure facilities; 
      2. Creating a favorable innovative environment and attractive investment climate; 
      3. Development of knowledge-intensive high-tech productions. 
      Priority areas: 
      Nuclear Technology (atomic energy and radioisotopes production, radiation processing services); Radiation Technology (production of radiation-modified and radiation-treated products, electron beam processing of the materials); 
      Related Technology (nanotechnology, creation of new materials, instrumentation, alternative and renewable energy sources, energy conservation and etc.) 

    • Kris Analyt LLP, Kazakhstan was established in 1995. Since that we became one of the great Kazakhstan suppliers of chemicals, laboratory equipment and analytical instruments. Today we have thousands of clients from small firms to large oil and gas companies and mining and smelting enterprises. The main principles of our business activity are: constant high quality of products and services; reliability of deliveries and focusing on our customers’ needs. 
      We are one of the leaders on Kazakhstan market because we managed to justify the confidence of our clients. Kris Analyt LLP has a Quality System Certificate ISO 9001. To keep and fortify this confidence is very important for us and we are doing our best to achieve this goal. Kris Analyt LLP is an official representative of the following companies in Republic of Kazakhstan: Bruker, GBC Scientific, Walter+Bai, Struers, EmcoTest, Olympus, Fritsch, VZOR, Nanovea, Ika. 

    • All-Russian Research Institute of Automatics named after N.L.Dukhov, Russia is one of the leading facilities of the ROSATOM. The Institute develops, manufacturers and maintenances: TPTS equipment for instrumentation and control systems (I&C) for power plants, portable neutron generators and equipment on their bases, pressure transducers and relays for nuclear power plants and oil-and-gas complex, equipment used in nuclear material control and accounting systems, arc protection equipment for power generation industry. 

    • International Uranium Enrichment Centre (IUEC) JSC, Russia was founded on September 5, 2007 in Angarsk in fulfillment of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin’s initiative about establishing a global infrastructure that will give all interest countries equal access to nuclear energy, as voiced at the EurAsES Summit held on January 25, 2006. IUEC is founded by the representative organizations of Russia and Kazakhstan according to the Intergovernmental Agreement of May 10, 2007 for the purpose of guaranteed uranium enrichment services provision.There are two business priorities of IUEC: 
      - Supply of uranium enrichment and conversion services primarily to IUEC shareholders; 
      - Storage and maintenance of the LEU (low- enriched uranium) Fuel Bank which is under creation to execute the Agreement between the Government of the Russian Federation and the IAEA from March 29, 2010. 

    • Afrikantov OKB Mechanical Engineering JSC, Russia 
      Integrated development of various purpose nuclear power and propulsion plants (light water, gas-cooled, fast reactors). Designing, manufacturing, mounting, operation support. Development and manufacturing of the equipment for nuclear power, petroleum chemical and oil processing plants, ship building, chemical, food and other industries: 
      - Circulation pumps with shaft seal and leak-tight electric pumps; 
      - Gate valves, control valves, safety valves; 
      - Heat exchange equipment (tubular heat exchangers and plate heat exchangers, oil coolers, air-conditioning system coolers and the others); 
      - Electromechanical drives of control and protection system; 
      - Compressors, gas blowers, fans, fan units. 

    • Saint Petersburg Research and Design Institute ATOMENERGOPROEKT JSC (SPbAEP JSC), Russia is the only company in the Russian nuclear industry, which develops nuclear power plant designs with different types of reactors: VVER, BN and RBMK and thermal power facilities. 
      Leningrad NPP-2, Baltic NPP, Beloyarsk NPP-2, NPP in Republic of Belarus, Tianwan NPP second stage in China are designed by the Company. 

    • TVEL JSC, Russia is one of the world leading nuclear fuel manufacturers and suppliers, fully meets fuel needs of 76 power reactors in Russia and 15 countries in Europe and Asia, 30 research reactors, as well as the Russian nuclear-powered fleet. 
      Upon Rosatom’s resolution the establishment of Fuel Company within TVEL Corporation is currently underway. The strategic goal is to enhance competitiveness in the global nuclear fuel cycle market and to supply nuclear fuel products and services to the utmost satisfaction of customers in Russia and abroad. 

    • Ural Electrochemical Integrated Plant JSC (UEIP JSC), Russia 
      Uranium enrichment, Isotopic Uranium Reference Material, Nickel and Cobalt Powders, Nickel Rolled Strips, Filters and Filtering Elements, Nickel-Cadmium Aircraft Battery, Nickel-Hydrogen Battery, Hyperheatconductive Materials. 

    • Central institute for continuing education and training (CICE&T), Russia is a scientific and educational center in the area of further education provided mainly in the field of atomic energy. The Institute has some branches the largest of them are Moscow and St. Petersburg. CICE&T provides training in various areas such as: nuclear, radiation and environmental safety, nuclear technology, construction in atomic energy and industry, management, information technology and automated systems. In the Institute there is an International Center for NPP Personnel Training where programs are developed and specialists from recipient countries of Russian nuclear technology are trained. 

    • Mashinostroitelny Zavod (ELEMASH) OJSC, Russia is a major Russian manufacturer of nuclear fuel for nuclear power stations and one of the leading fuel vendors in the world. Together with the fuel the company produces cold rolled thin-walled tubes of titanium and stainless steels, permanent magnets of different shapes and properties that are widely used in various industries. Manufacture of press, measuring (non-standard), cutting tools; die tooling, non-standard machine tools. Metal-cutting, electrosparking, thermal treatment. Application of any electroplated coating. 

    • National Nuclear Center of the Republic of Kazakhstan