Exhibition Sections

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Heavy Machine Building

  • Carrying and lifting machine building (carrying and lifting machines, hoisting cranes, lifts, elevators and skylifts, stream-flow transportation machines, conveyors, etc.)
  • Railway machine building
  • Shipbuilding
  • Aircraft industry
  • Rocket and space industry
  • Power plant engineering
  • Construction and utility machine building
  • Agriculture machine building
  • Oil and gas machine building
  • Chemical machine building
  • Wood and paper machine building

Medium Machine Building

  • Automotive industry
  • Tractor industry
  • Machine-tool building
  • Robotics technology
  • Tool-making industry
  • Light industry equipment
  • Food-processing industry equipment
  • Household appliance and machine industry

Precision Machine Building

  • Instrument making
  • Radio engineering and electronics manufacturing industry
  • Electrical engineering industry

Process Automation, Standardisation and Information Support

  • Control and measurement instrumentation and quality control systems
  • Automated design and production management systems, software Components and materials, research and development, computer technology
  • Computer-aided design and concurrent engineering in machine building
  • Automated process and production control systems
  • Specialised software and databases for machines, equipment and mechanical facilities
  • Computerised equipment testing and diagnostics systems
  • Automatic systems of developing control programmes, technological and informational support to consumers
  • Communication systems in machine building

Welding Equipment, Technologies and Materials

Occupational Safety and Health

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